Perfect Plant for Libra: Peace Lily

Is your perfect plant match written in the stars? The traits, strengths, and quirks of your Zodiac sign are part of what make you uniquely you! Find the plant that suits your sign in 2024, and discover the cosmic joy that houseplants can bring to your life.


(The Scales, Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Your Plant Match: Peace Lily

You want harmony and balance in all parts of your life, keeping your heart and home feeling fair and right. Peace Lily is the perfect plant for your space! This beautiful plant promotes peace, and it’s occasional blooms and powerful purifying qualities are ideal for an air sign like you.

Care tips: Grow in bright light and water regularly. Peace Lily is one of our recommended Easy Plants for Beginner Plant Parents.

Sold as a 4″ plant in a black ceramic pot, as shown. 


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