Perfect Plant for Pisces: ZZ Plant

Is your perfect plant match written in the stars? The traits, strengths, and quirks of your Zodiac sign are part of what make you uniquely you! Find the plant that suits your sign in 2024, and discover the cosmic joy that houseplants can bring to your life.


(The Two Fishes, Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your Plant Match: ZZ Plant

As the last sign in the Zodiac, you encompass the values and lessons of all other signs, approaching life with loyalty and dreamy positivity. Like you, the ZZ Plant is balanced between being grounded and reaching for the stars, with bright, lush growth emerging from the dark below.

Care tips: ZZ Plant is tolerant of low to high light, making it one of the easiest plants to grow!

Sold as a 4″ plant in a black ceramic pot, as shown. 


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