Your Perfect Plant by Zodiac Sign

Is your perfect plant match written in the stars? The traits, strengths, and quirks of your star sign are part of what make you uniquely you! Find the plant that suits your Zodiac sign in 2024, and discover the cosmic joy that houseplants can bring to your life.

Aries (The Ram, Mar 21 – Apr 19) + Aloe vera

You’re bold and ambitious, and the first fire sign of the zodiac, making you drive to be number one in all that you do! That heat and determination makes an Aloe vera plant your perfect match. This tough and sun-loving plant thrives under challenging conditions, and always do their best to look toward the light side.

Care tips: Provide Aloe plants with plenty of bright light, and plant in a fast-draining soil, such as cactus mix. Water thoroughly, but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry completely between waterings. For more growing information, see How To Grow Succulents & Cacti At Home.

Taurus (The Bull, Apr 20 – May 20) + Fiddle Leaf Fig

You appreciate the finest things in life, as shown by your impeccable taste. Your grounded, dependable nature makes you an ideal plant parent for a Fiddle Leaf Fig. This icon has a striking look that perfectly pleases your indulgent side, and it’s steadfast growth creates the calm, serene scene that you love most.

Care tips: Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in bright, indirect light, with regular watering and protection from drafts. Click here for our complete guide How To Grow Fiddle Leaf Fig At Home

Gemini (The Twins, May 21 – June 20) + Monstera

You’re fun and spontaneous, with energy and curiosity that always keeps you moving on and moving up. An air sign like you is well suited to an aroid plant, like larger-than-life Monstera deliciosa. This plant won’t be held back, with a playful personality and a will to climb!

Care tips: Give Monstera bright, indirect light and space to grow. Using a bendable moss pole can help to support the plant and encourage larger leaves and faster growth.

Cancer (The Crab, June 21 – July 22) + Money Tree

You’re brilliant and intuitive, and willing to give your focus and energy to people and things that are willing to give back. Use your tenacity and nurturing spirit to care for a Money Tree, and this plant brings luck and prosperity in return.

Care tips: Keep Money Tree cozy in a tightly-fit pot, and protect from drafts. Grow in bright light & water regularly, allowing the soil to dry halfway before watering again.

Leo (The Lion, July 23 – Aug 22) + Bromeliad

The drama has arrived, so shine the spotlight over here! You take center stage wherever you go, and your charisma attracts immediate attention, just like the bright and vivacious Bromeliad. Hailing from tropical rainforests, it’s the ideal plant for the King of the Jungle.

Care Tips: Bromeliads prefer plenty of bright light, with warm temperatures and as much humidity as possible. A mister is a useful tool for this plant!

Virgo (The Virgin, Aug 23 – Sept 22) + Rubber Tree

You’re diligent and practical, and you strive for perfection. The flawless sheen of Rubber Tree is the match for an earth sign like you! Tenacious and well-rooted, this plant approaches life with a stubborn determination, resulting in fabulous growth and a shiny demeanour.

Care Tips: Rubber Tree grows best in bright, indirect light. Clean leaves easily with microfiber gloves to keep them shiny and dust-free.

Libra (The Scales, Sept 23-Oct 22) + Peace Lily

You want harmony and balance in all parts of your life, keeping your heart and home feeling fair and right. Peace Lily is the perfect plant for your space! This beautiful plant promotes peace, and it’s occasional blooms and powerful purifying qualities are ideal for an air sign like you.

Care tips: Grow in bright light and water regularly. Peace Lily is one of our recommended Easy Plants for Beginner Plant Parents.

Scorpio (The Scorpion, Oct 23 – Nov 21) + Snake Plant

You’re charged with emotion, and you’re dependable, intelligent, and a little bit mysterious. The reliable and exotic Snake Plant is your ideal plant match! While it doesn’t require complex care, this plant has the power to transform any space, and brings energy to all those around it.

Care tips: Snake Plant is adaptable in varying light conditions, and needs only occasional care. Allow to dry completely between waterings.

Sagittarius (The Archer, Nov 22 – Dec 21) + Coffee Plant

Your feisty and adventurous spirit keeps you busy and bustling. You seek out answers to life’s questions, and this energetic thirst for knowledge makes Coffee Plant your perfect plant match. This rewarding houseplant is a worthwhile addition to your home, even if it never produces coffee beans.

Care tips: Coffee plants need bright light and steady care, with high humidity and regular watering.

Capricorn (The Sea Goat, Dec 22 – Jan 19) + Pilea

You’re grounded and patient, and you value the rewards that come from hard work and time. You’re supremely suited to a Pilea! These plants are made to share, with sweet, rounded leaves that grow in clusters to form baby plantlets as they mature.

Care tips: Grow your Pilea in bright light and make sure to allow it to dry between waterings. A moisture tester is a helpful tool for beginner plant parents, and can help to prevent overwatering.

Aquarius (The Water Bearer, Jan 20 – Feb 18) + Pothos

You’re loving and intelligent, you value honesty, and you want to make the world a better place. The simple, earnest nature of Pothos is perfect for you! This plant keeps growing despite challenges and adversity, bringing life and light to spaces where others may not go.

Care tips: Pothos will cascade from a hanging basket, or climb with support. Best in medium to bright light. View Hanging Planters here.

Pisces (The Two Fishes, Feb 19 – Mar 20) + ZZ Plant

As the last sign in the Zodiac, you encompass the values and lessons of all other signs, approaching life with loyalty and dreamy positivity. Like you, the ZZ Plant is balanced between being grounded and reaching for the stars, with bright, lush growth emerging from the dark below.

Care tips: ZZ Plant is tolerant of low to high light, making it one of the easiest plants to grow!

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