Month: June 2022

Flowers All Summer! Your Feeding & Care Guide

June 22, 2022
It’s easy to fall in love with flowers in the Spring! We’re naturally drawn to the colour and fragrance they provide, and it feels great to adorn our homes and gardens with their cheerful blooms. Keeping our fl...
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Surefire Shrubs for Colour All Summer

June 16, 2022
Summer is a time to kick back and relax a little. The kids are out of school, the pace slows down, and as the heat rises through July, the desire to do much hard work in the garden starts to wane. This is the season where ...
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Summer Lawn Maintenance Basics

June 10, 2022
When the temperatures skyrocket, it's normal for turf to turn a straw colour and go dormant as a protective measure. A strong lawn will bounce back more easily. Here are 3 easy steps to help your lawn to be more resilient ...
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