Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Terra Mult-Year Accessibility Plan

Employing hundreds of people each year and in servicing our communities, Terra is committed to providing a welcoming, safe, and accessible environment for all. We believe in treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence, and which ensures they have access to the same opportunities afforded those without disabilities. This Accessibility Plan outlines our strategies and initiatives to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) over the next five years (2023-2028).

1. Policy and Commitment:Terra has developed, implemented, and maintained an official Accessibility Policy that demonstrates our commitment to providing equal access and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We ensure that the Accessibility Policy is communicated to all employees regularly and made available to the public on our website and in our stores.

2. Training and Education:
Terra provides training to all employees, including management, on how to interact with and serve customers with various disabilities. We incorporate accessibility training into the onboarding process for new hires and provide ongoing training and updates no less than annually. We offer training in multiple formats. We ensure that all employees understand their roles in promoting accessibility and inclusivity within all aspects of the business.

3. Customer Service:
Terra has an established feedback mechanism in the form of a dedicated email address and phone number, to receive comments, suggestions, and complaints related to accessibility. We also welcome feedback provided in-person within any of our stores through our dedicated Solution Centres. We respond promptly to any accessibility-related feedback and take necessary actions to address concerns. We regularly review and improve our customer service and employment practices to enhance accessibility and meet the diverse needs of our customers and employees.

4. Physical Accessibility:
Terra conducts an accessibility audit of our stores and premises to identify barriers faced by customers and employees with disabilities. Where barriers are identified, we develop and implement a plan to remove or mitigate the identified barriers, prioritizing the most critical issues first. We ensure that our store’s entrances, exits, aisles, and customer service areas are accessible to individuals with mobility impairments and provide mobility aids to those in need. We also ensure that employees are equipped with the tools and equipment they need to remove physical barriers impacting their access to meaningful work.

5. Communication and Information:
Terra provides accessible formats for essential business information, such as brochures, job details, or product lists, upon request. We make our website and digital content accessible by adhering to Web
Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA standards. We offer alternative communication methods, such as email or text messages, to customers who may face challenges using traditional means of communication.

6. Employment Practices:
Terra’s employment practices include the notification of the availability of accommodation for applicants with disabilities, and at each step along the recruitment, onboarding and employee lifecycle. Where appropriate, we provide individualized Accommodation and Emergency Response Plans, in collaboration with the employee, to ensure our teams are prepared to meet the unique needs of employees with disabilities. Our Employee Training and Development Program also takes into account the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities to ensure that disabilities do not pose a barrier to success in the workplace.
Terra continually reviews our hiring and employment practices to ensure that they are inclusive and non-discriminatory. We are proud to have developed and maintained an inclusion-focused workplace culture and supporting programs and policies that meet the needs of employees with disabilities.

7. Emergency Preparedness:
Terra has a safety-first culture. We incorporate accessibility considerations into our emergency evacuation and response plans and include emergency response in all employee Accommodation Plans. We Provide clear instructions and assistance to customers and employees with disabilities during emergencies.

8. Procurement and Supplier Relationships:
Terra includes accessibility requirements as a factor when selecting suppliers and service providers. We encourage our suppliers and partners to adopt accessible practices and policies.

9. Notice of Temporary Disruption
In the event of a service disruption, we will notify the public of the service disruption and alternatives available by clearly posting a notice which will include information regarding the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration, and a description of alternate facilities if available. TERRA will make every reasonable effort to provide prior notice where possible.

10. Reporting and Compliance:
Terra has a senior manager appointed to oversee the implementation of this Accessibility Plan. We prepare and submit the required accessibility compliance report to the Ontario government by the specified deadline. We review and update this plan annually to reflect any changes in our business operations or regulations, including the feedback and contributions of all levels of the organization.

This Accessibility Plan demonstrates our dedication to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for all customers and employees. By actively removing barriers and promoting accessibility, we aim to create an environment that respects the dignity and independence of every individual. This plan will be an integral part of our business practices as we continue to build a more inclusive and accessible retail space over the next five years (2023-2028).


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