Your Guide to Fresh Cut Greens

There’s nothing like the citrusy smell of fresh Fraser Fir or spicy Western Pine to make it feel like the holiday season! The tradition of using evergreen boughs to decorate for special occasions dates back to ancient civilizations. Now, fresh greenery in entry planters or draped as garland on our homes is a sophisticated nod to these traditions in modern, contemporary holiday decor. No matter how you use them, fresh cut greens are a beautiful and natural way to get festive.

Fresh Boughs & Twigs

Freshly cut branches of textural and fragrant evergreens can be used in many ways to adorn a home. Hang or affix them to entryways, cut and arrange them in outdoor planters, tie or swag them to banisters or mantels, or even display in large vessels of water like an oversized bouquet!

Western Cedar 3lb bunch
Western Cedar is soft, loose, and bright green. It creates a dramatic draping effect in planters or garlands.
Western Pine 3lb bunch
Pine is stiff, bristly, and architectural in a design, so it’s ideal for adding height or structure to planters or window boxes.
silver fir bunch
Fragrant firs like Silver or Fraser Fir offer incredible scent, soft touch, and a unique bi-coloured effect with their blue-grey undersides.
Magnolia showcases shiny, leathery leaves with a velvety brown underside, making it a striking addition to arrangements, wreaths, garland and table decor. As it dries, it shifts to a more subtle sage colour.
Carolina Sapphire, as the name would suggest, is from the southern US. Bright blue and uniquely fine in texture, it stands out in greens mixes! As it dries, it turns a light buff colour, creating contrast all winter.
Similar in feel to Cedar, Leyland Cypress stands out with blue-toned brightness, like a pop of teal in a sea of greens.
Wreaths & Garlands

When you need a handmade, natural touch, but don’t have the skills or time to DIY, pre-made wreaths and garlands save the day. You’ll find wreaths and garlands in both single-variety styles as well as mixed, more elaborate designs. Using mixed greenery calls attention to the wild variation of colours and textures found in nature during winter months, and adding berries, cones and other seasonal accents in a wreath brings all of that beauty up close at eye level.

Potted Evergreens

A classic, timeless winter statement for a porch, potted evergreens are a simple and long-lasting solution to adding greenery outdoors. Potted trees or shrubs like Spruce, Fir, Boxwood, Holly or Cedar can happily enjoy months decorating your home, and then get planted in the garden in the early spring. Potted trees can even come indoors for up to a week, if kept well watered and returned promptly to resume dormancy outdoors.

Caring for Fresh Greens

Fresh greens used in pots of soil for arrangements can easily stay fresh for months on end! Keep winter planters watered until the soil freezes solid, as fresh greens will continually draw water to stay hydrated. For cut greenery that doesn’t have a water source, like boughs, wreaths or garland, longevity will depend on factors like the amount direct sunlight and wind exposure. Using an anti-dessicant spray like Wilt Pruf can help to extend the life of fresh greens by sealing their surface, allowing for slower evaporation through the leaves. Expect greenery used indoors to last a shorter time – usually between 7-14 days.

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