Your Spring Lawn Start-Up Guide

Spring flowers are popping up the in the gardens, and the days are getting warmer. It won’t be long until we’re running barefoot across the lawn again! April brings plenty of opportunities for getting back outside, and tending to the lawn and garden is a great way to enjoy the improving weather. Taking small steps to improve the health of your lawn now can have great benefits all season long. Here’s our guide to using our favourite spring lawn care products.

First Thing: Early Weed Prevention
Scott's Turf Builder Weed Prevent Germination Inhibitor Lifestyle 2
Weed prevention can happen early.

This natural, pre-emergent weed seed inhibitor contains 100% corn gluten meal to help keep annoying weeds from taking root. For best results, apply before weeds appear, usually in early Spring and again in late Summer or early fall. As a bonus, it also adds nutrients to the lawn for an early-season boost. If you’re planning to overseed this Spring, be sure to apply weed prevention early… it works by covering the soil surface, preventing seeds from germinating for about 5 weeks.

Start Repair of Winter Damage
Scott's Turf Builder Quick + Thick Grass Seed Sunny 2
Rake away dead and damaged turf so that new seeds can grow.

Winter can take a toll on the lawn. Rake away dead patches, and lift matted turf with a lawn rake. Small patches can be quickly and easily fixed with a patch repair product, like Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch & Repair. Tackle larger problem areas with combination products like Scotts® Lawn Response 9-1-1™ Lawn Repair which have a topdressing mulch, starter food, and quality seed mixed together for a single, simple application.

Scott's EZ Seed
Quick & easy spot repair is simple with Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch & Repair.
Scott's Lawn Response Lifestyle 1
A unique mix of organic and slow-release fertilizers, soil enhancers, and high-performance grass seed. 
Scott's EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair Lifestyle 1
This special blend repairs burned, damaged, and bare spots caused by dogs.
Get Ahead of the Grubs

If white grubs have been a problem for your area, early Spring is an ideal window for applying a grub control product, like Scotts® Grub B Gon® MAX® Grub Killer. When applied as directed, the active ingredient – a live, soil-borne organism – is released down into the soil and root zone where grubs live. As grubs eat plant roots, they also ingest the active ingredient, effectively putting a stop to them and their destruction.

Scott's Grub B Gon Max Group
Finally! A safe, effective solution to controlling several types of grubs.
Get New Seeds Started

When you add seed to an existing lawn, you naturally thicken its growth, helping to crowd out weeds before they can take hold. Applying seed to weak spots, areas of thin growth, or just a bit everywhere gets the grass growing quickly as the temperatures rise. For best results, seeds need to come into contact with soil. Add a layer of lawn soil before seeding, and boost soil health with new Scotts® Soil Build’R™ Spreadable Top Dress For Lawn. It contains natural ingredients and organic matter, too, to encourage water and nutrient retention, reduce soil compaction, and increase beneficial microbial activity.

Soil Build'r Top Dress Lifestyle 1
Scotts® Soil Build’R™ Spreadable Top Dressing makes it simple to improve your lawn soil!

Choosing a quality lawn seed is important. At TERRA, you’ll find seed blends to suit your site, with options for sunny or shady areas, high-traffic places, or lawns with low maintenance. Scotts® Turf Builder® Quick + Thick™ Grass Seed combines the highest quality grass seed plus a special blend of slow-release fertilizers. So, seed not only gets a quick start, it grows into thick, green grass that lasts.

Scott's Quick and Thick Grass Seed Sun - Shade Lifestyle 3
This special blend grows grass 2X thicker – in just 14 days.
Feed Your Hungry Lawn!

Lawns wake up from winter dormancy with an appetite. Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food has a range of options to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs. A healthy, vigorously growing lawn is naturally resistant to pests and diseases, making it easier to care for. Apply your first feed in mid April, and feed again in early June.

Scott's Turf Builder Green Max Lawn Fertilizer Lifestyle 2
A healthy, happy lawn needs nutrition to thrive.
Want a customized lawn care plan for YOUR lawn? The Scotts MyLawn app is here!

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