Scotts® Soil Build’R™ Spreadable Top Dress For Lawns 4.2kg

Who knew a lawn could be so healthy and happy? Transforming a stressed, tired lawn with compacted soil starts by giving it more of what’s good for it like air, water, and nutrients. Scotts® Soil Build’R™ Spreadable Top Dressing makes it so simple to improve your lawn soil. And, remember, better soil makes for a better lawn. Unlike ordinary top dressings, this one is fast and easy to apply. So, while you’re making your lawn healthy and happy, you’re saving yourself time and work. Just apply to your lawn using any Scotts® spreader.

The special blend of humic acid, biochar, and leaf compost will do the job of relieving your lawn’s compacted soil from the things that stress it out. Contains natural ingredients and organic matter, too, to encourage water and nutrient retention, reduce soil compaction, and increase beneficial microbial activity. It’s amazing how many good things it can do. Just think of it as a happiness booster for you and your lawn.


  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Special blend of humic acid, biochar, and leaf compost
  • Encourages water and nutrient retention
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases microbial activity