Alocasia ‘Jacklyn’

Alocasia ‘Jacklyn’ is a plant for the collector who is more than a little bit ‘extra’!

Originating from Southeast Asia, this distinctive Alocasia features large, fuzzy, textured leaves in bright green with striking dark veins. Stems are streaked in burgundy and pink, and hold the leaves upright in a visually stunning display.

Like other Alocasia, ‘Jacklyn’ requires a relatively course, fast-draining growing medium so that it doesn’t sit too wet for too long. Place your Alocasia in bright, indirect light. Too much direct light can lead to leaves drying and scorching. Providing extra humidity is highly recommended for this plant. Boost humidity by misting regularly, grouping plants together, using a pebble tray, or adding a small humidifier to your houseplant area. Keep Alocasia ‘Jacklyn’ warm at all times, and avoid drafty areas.

During periods when your Alocasia is actively growing, feed with a liquid houseplant food every 3-4 weeks.

Available in  a 4″ grower pot, while supplies last.


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Light Exposure

bright, indirect

Pet Friendly