Anthurium clarinervium

Could a tropical plant possibly be cuter than Anthurium clarinervium? We doubt it.

Sometimes called the “velvet cardboard Anthurium”, this little darling is a perennial native to the rocky areas of Mexico. As the name would suggest, Anthurium clarinervium showcases dark, velvety, heart-shaped leaves with beautiful white veining. As it matures, Anthurium clarinervium can grow 2-3′ tall and wide indoors. Leaves become surprisingly large and stiff (like cardboard) with a unique, suede-like texture.

Like other Anthurium, this plant requires a relatively course, fast-draining growing medium so that it doesn’t sit too wet for too long. Place your Anthurium in bright, indirect light. Providing extra humidity is highly recommended for this plant. Boost humidity by misting regularly, grouping plants together, using a pebble tray, or adding a small humidifier to your houseplant area. Aim to keep soil lightly moist, allowing the surface to dry somewhat between waterings.

During periods when your Anthurium is actively growing, feed with a liquid houseplant food every 3-4 weeks.


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Light Exposure

bright, indirect

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