CANOPIA by PALRAM Plant Hanger Kit – Online Exclusive

Whether you are buying a new greenhouse or looking to add to an existing one, the right greenhouse accessories make all the difference. Accessories for greenhouses should simplify your gardening and enhance your experience.

The Plant Hangers kit can be used to fasten a shade kit or string up your vegetables, hang irrigation tubing or suspend a pot or hanging basket in all your Palram – Canopia greenhouses. Simply insert the hangers into the aluminum frame channels and twist them for secure installation. The plant hangers can also clip into the separately-sold Palram – Canopia Heavy Duty Shelf Kit for more suspension options in your nursery. Designed to attach Palram – Canopia shade cloth, support vine crops, hang baskets or pots. Simply insert into aluminum profile channel and twist to install.

  • Contains: 10 hangers
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Connects to all Palram – Canopia greenhouse’s aluminum frame