CANOPIA by PALRAM Shade Cloth Kit – Online Exclusive

Whether you are buying a new greenhouse or looking to add to an existing one, the right greenhouse accessories make all the difference. Accessories for greenhouses should simplify your gardening and enhance your experience.

The Palram Shade Cloth Kit creates added protection by creating shade for your plants as needed. Easy to install and adjustable to accommodate different plant requirements, the shade cloth kit attaches to the inside framework of your Palram – Canopia Greenhouse.


  • Helps prevent heat buildup in your greenhouse and shields your plants from direct sunlight by controlling and reducing 70% of sunlight exposure.
  • Quick and easy to install and can easily be re-positioned for changing seasons or crops.
  • Helps by screening plants from direct sunlight exposure, and reducing heat buildup
  • Made from a durable, high-impact, woven material
  • Protected against solar UV radiation
  • Attaches easily to the inside frame of all Palram – Canopia greenhouses
  • Can be quickly and easily re-positioned
  • Includes 10 hangers for installation (can also be used as plant hangers)


Dimensions: 230 x 265 cm