CANOPIA by PALRAM Skylight Shed – Online Exclusive

Tired of looking for your equipment, finding your tools all rusted and feeling like you need more space? Palram – Canopia backyard sheds provide you with endless usability and ultimate performance. Designed as an ideal space for storing, organizing, and protecting your outdoor life, Palram – Canopia offers a wide range of highly durable, multi-functional plastic sheds for sale to answer all your storage needs, allowing you to put more time and energy into the projects ahead.

SkylightTM – Palram High Durability Storage Sheds

  • Highly resistant, sunlight safe polycarbonate storage shed kits (features Fine Shield Technology™)
  • Combines two types of glazing for improved storing/working conditions
  • Life-time resilient polycarbonate plastic walls; do not fracture, discolor or become brittle over time
  • Special roofing lets natural sunlight in a while maintaining opacity for maximum privacy
  • Roof panels block up to 100% of harmful UV sun rays to protect your gear from sun damage
  • Stout, rust-free aluminum structure
  • Garden sheds maintenance-free and built to last thanks to outstandingly durable materials.
  • Protect your gear efficiently from the elements and inclement weather condition
  • Made with 100% recyclable components
  •  Shed kit included anti-slip floor-protecting from slipping and your equipment.
  • “Easy-Slide” system for quick and simple wall and roof panel assembly
    (Ensure you have sufficient side space for inserting the roof panels during the assembly process.
  • Perfectly designed to withstand Canadian Climate in every season
    • Wind Resistance: 90km / hr
    • Snow Load: 15.4lbs / ft2

6′ x 5′ Dimensions:

  • Assembled Width: 6’1″
  • Assembled Length: 5′
  • Assembled Height: 7’1″
  • Covering Area: 2.8M2


6′ x 8′ Dimensions:

  • Assembled Width: 6’1″
  • Assembled Length: 7’6″
  • Assembled Height: 7’1″
  • Covering Area: 4.2M2


6′ x 10′ Dimensions:

  • Assembled Width: 6’1″
  • Assembled Length: 10′
  • Assembled Height: 7’1″
  • Covering Area: 5.6M2

10 Year Limited Warranty