Euphorbia Trigona (Variegated Cactus)

The Euphorbia Trigona (Variegated Cactus) is also known as an African Milk Tree. This unique and curious succulent plant is native to West Africa, making it an unusual addition to your houseplant collection.

This plant is considered easy care and has a unique look that is a cross between a cactus and succulent. Like most succulent plants, Euphorbia Trigona prefers a warm location with very bright, indirect light. If desired, you can successfully grow African Milk Tree outdoors on a protected porch or patio in the warm summer months, bringing it back indoors to enjoy moderate light and temperature through the winter.

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Sold in a 4″ & 6″ grower’s pot.


Light Exposure

bright indirect

Pet Friendly



allow first 1-2" of Soil to dry before watering