Ficus Shivereana

In the wide world of plants, Ficus Shivereana definitely stands out.

This uniquely-variegated variety of Rubber Tree is on many wish lists! With highly-speckled and splattered leaves in glossy cream, green & pink, Ficus Shivereana is certainly a plant to consider adding to your collection.

To grow Rubber Trees like this one, place in bright, indirect light. If light is too low, expect this Ficus to let you know by dropping leaves, or losing the brightness of it’s colours. Aim to keep soil lightly moist, allowing the surface to dry somewhat between waterings. Ensure excess water always drains away, and always plant in an indoor potting mix with great drainage. When the plant is actively growing, provide regular feedings with an indoor plant food.

This plant is sold in a 4″ or 6″ grower pot.

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Light Exposure

bright, indirect