Giant 4 in a Row- Online Exclusive

This classic giant connect 4 in-a-row game is 31 inches wide and has a beautiful wooden finish to it. Use the red and blue plastic coins to be the first to connect 4 in a row to win. Pull the wooden bar at the bottom of the game to release the coins when you are done. it is easy and fast to put together. Great for all ages, as long as you can reach the top! This GIANT-sized game is sure to draw a crowd. A favorite game for breweries and pubs, wedding receptions, corporate team-building events, birthday parties, and tailgating and makes a great addition to any game room. The exact dimensions are 31″ wide and 26″ tall with 3.5″ plastic coins.


  • 1 Game Surface
  • 2 Outer Legs
  • 1 Wooden Slider to Release Coins
  • 21 Plastic Red Coins
  • 21 Plastic Blue Coins