GrowBetter Gardens Flowers & Shrub Soil 25L

GrowBetter Gardens™ Soil for Fabulous Flowers & Shrubs is a high quality, multi-purpose soil made of composted ingredients and 100% renewable, recyclable products.

For use with a variety of plants including annuals, perennials, wildflowers, and shrubs. It’s brimming with benefits that are good for your garden and good for our planet.

Active Ingredients: Compost (leaf and yard residues), composted manure (poultry), and organic fertilizer (derived from alfalfa meal, feather meal, bone meal, mined potassium, rock phosphate, crustacean meal, seaweed extract, gypsum).


  • High volume of composted ingredients that improves soil health
  • High Moisture Retention
  • Lightweight and porous soil for optimal root growth
  • Slow release of nutrients