Hummingbird Bird Bath

Attract birds to your garden by adding a birdbath! This Hummingbird Birdbath is the perfect addition to your garden and has a unique hummingbird design in the basin. Bird baths are the perfect spot for birds in your area to land, hydrate and groom their feathers. This birdbath is made of a concrete blend that is durable, lighter than regular concrete and weather worthy*.


  • Material: Concrete blend
  • Lightweight
  • Attracts birds to your garden
  • Colour: Basalt Grey
  • Please refer to 2nd photo for Basalt Grey finish


Dimensions: w19” x d19” x h20” 90 lb, 2 pieces


*although this item withstands most weather conditions, we recommend covering, inverting or taking in birdbaths in the winter as they collect water