Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck 3gal

Endless Summer® collection: the world’s first hydrangea bred to bloom all season long, year after year. There’s no better choice for those with an appreciation for fine outdoor living than Endless Summer® Hydrangeas!

Because of BloomStruck’s extremely strong stems, above average heat tolerance and great disease resistance – especially to powdery mildew – it is a perfect combination of beauty and hardiness for your garden! Another great feature of BloomStruck and this collection is the ability to change the blooms’ color to your liking. Depending on soil pH, you can have vivid rose-pink or purple hydrangea flower heads.

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C-I-L® Aluminum Sulphate  allows acid-loving plants to thrive and increases their health by quickly lowering the pH and improving the overall growing conditions of the soil.

Quick Start for new plants! The ultimate boost for new plants, ensuring healthy growth and vibrant blooms from the start


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Light Exposure

part shade

Mature Size

grows 3-4' high and 4-5' wide