Garden Twine Green Dyed 2-Ply Jute 400ft

Jute Garden Twine is a staple piece for any gardener. Made with 3-ply jute fibres, this roll of Jute Garden Twine is versatile and can be used in many ways around the home. Tie up and secure your vegetables, plants and flowers throughout your garden to give them the extra support they need. You can also plan and plot out your garden by marking out sections with twine to ensure you have all your garden bed measurements and plans exactly the way you envision. This specific roll of jute has the added feature of being dyed green so that it blends in with the garden when it is used to support your plants.


  • Strong and versatile, use jute twine to support plants and plot your gardens
  • 3-ply fibres
  • Dyed green to blend in with plants


Dimension: 400 feet length