Mayne Arden 18″ Round Planter – available in three colours – Online Exclusive

With their ultra-modern design, these Arden planters perfectly capture the boldness that comes with a more urban décor style. These Arden planters are great for anyone looking to inject a little industrial feel into their décor, or if you live in the city and want to feel one with it. These double-wall planters are made from 100% high-grade Polyethylene, have a built-in water reservoir, are weatherproof, and have an ultra-tough construction.


  • Durable Planters: We use 100% high-grade Polyethylene resin in the manufacturing process, which makes our products durable, lightweight and highly shock resistant
  • Four Season Use: These round planters are often used for outdoor applications year-round, as they are resistant to high-impact, chemicals and extreme weather conditions – It stands true to its ‘four-season use’ tag with very little winter preparation
  • Long Lasting Quality: The resin used to create our products contains built-in UV inhibitors that reduce the damaging effects of the sun – This ensures that your product doesn’t fade, preserves its color and increases its overall lifespan
  • Innovative Design: Double-wall design makes these planters sturdy, and provides the roots and potting mix with adequate insulation from surrounding weather conditions
  • Water Reservoir: This Arden Planter comes with a built-in water reservoir that provides your plants with a consistent source of moisture and allows you to water your plants less often
  • Dimensions: 14″ D x 18″ H. Soil Capacity: 13.8L, Water Reservoir Capacity: 17.3L
  • The Mayne Advantage: Mayne offers a 15-year residential warranty or a 5-year commercial warranty on this planter – Our products are proudly designed in Canada and are made in the USA