Miracle Gro Organics Garden Mix for Veg & Herbs 42.5L

Want to raise a big, happy family of plants in your raised garden bed? Start them off right with Miracle-Gro® Organics Garden Mix for Vegetables & Herbs. Ecocert certified , this mix is loaded with rich organic ingredients and high-quality nutrients that help give your fruits, veggies and flowers what they need. Helps plants absorb water and maintain that moisture, too. Plus, it sends nutrients where they’re needed most – right to the roots.

Plants grow up big and strong so you get to enjoy harvesting a bigger bounty of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers throughout the growing season.* Specifically formulated for raised bed gardens and in-ground gardens, this mixture is ready to use with no mixing required. Even better, it delivers the astonishing Miracle-Gro® results you expect with the natural and organic ingredients you want for your garden.