Pro-Yard Vented Dome Cover

Pro-Yard Hydro heavy duty vented humidity domes are ideal for all of your propagation needs. Heavy duty clear plastic construction will deliver years of reliable use. Convenient moulded top grip for easy placement and removal, therefore minimizing the chances of harming seedlings. Features two adjustable top vents for regulating humidity and temperature, Both of which are vital factors of effective germination. Generous 6 3/4″ Height allows for care of taller seedlings and cuttings.


  • Heavy-duty construction; not flimsy or brittle like the competition
  • Dual integrated adjustable top vents to regulate humidity and temperature
  • Convenient molded top hand grip for easy placement and removal
  • Extra-tall 6 3/4″ height to accommodate taller seedlings and cuttings
  • Fits any standard 10″ x 20″ nursery tray