Perovskia – Russian Sage

Russian Sage is extremely valuable for its long season of bloom in the summer garden. Plant forms a bushy upright clump of greyish leaves that are lacy and fragrant. Spikes of rich violet-blue flowers appear in high summer, continuing into late fall.

An extremely versatile garden plant, Russian Sage loves hot, sunny sites and will fit right into the perennial border, also good to use among shrubs, and even in containers or tubs.

Attractive to butterflies

Prune back to no less than 6 inches in the spring, and never in the fall

Exceptionally drought tolerant

Grows to 36″ high and 30″ wide

Quick Start for new plants! The ultimate boost for new plants, ensuring healthy growth and vibrant blooms from the start


Flower Season

mid summer -fall

Light Exposure

sun/part sun

Mature Size

36" high and 30" wide

Pollinator Friendly

butterflies, hummingbirds