Spirea Double Play ‘Big Bang’ 2gal by Proven Winners

Spirea Double Play ‘Big Bang’ is everything you love about the classic spirea – and more!

Japanese Spirea comes by its popularity earnestly: durable, super easy to care for, and perfectly pretty pink flowers in spring. Double Play Big Bang® Spirea does the landscape classic one better with the biggest, pinkest flowers of any Japanese spirea. It also offers super colorful new growth, especially when it emerges in early spring. That’s what makes it a perfect Double Play! Like other Japanese Spirea, it’s drought tolerant, deer resistant, grows and blooms well in partial shade, and maintains a nice, neat shape without pruning.

Top reasons to grow Double Play Big Bang Spirea:

– Extra large pure pink blooms

– Colorful new growth makes the plant interesting even when it’s not in bloom

– Deer resistant

Quick Start for new plants! The ultimate boost for new plants, ensuring healthy growth and vibrant blooms from the start

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Flower Season


Light Exposure

full to part sun

Mature Size

2-3' high & wide