Striped Maple Leaves Foliage Panel 4 pcs

These foliage panels are the ultimate solution for your next DIY project. They can be easily cut to fit any space and are easy to install securely using the included fasteners. You can fold and roll these pieces of artificial greenery to cover any shape or surface flawlessly, without any gaps. Perfect to create privacy on your deck, patio, or balcony. You can even let your creativity flow by designing trendy wall art, an artificial living wall or an impressive background for a party or a photo shoot. The panels are made of premium quality UV resistant polyethylene to prolong their life. Enhance your home’s curb appeal instantly with our natural looking styles, without the hard work and time needed to grow or maintain hedges and vines. A cost-effective way to spruce up your favourite space, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Included in each package are four panels and the fasteners to easily install them in your space. Backed by our 2-year warranty, our 20 in x 20 in panels and built-in backing grids are durable and made to last through the seasons.


How many do you need for your project? Check out the handy photo below to easily calculate quantity.