Swimming Koi Garden Statue

Koi are members of the carp family of fish. Carp have long been kept and bred as pets in many civilizations. The ancient Romans kept them in ponds and fountains and bred the ancestors of today’s common Goldfish. In China, they are recognized as good luck symbols. The colorful Koi carp available today are the result of a strain first bred 160 years ago in Japan from a naturally occurring mutation. The word Koi actually translates to “carp” in Japanese.

This collection by master sculptor; Klaus Kinast. Placed together they remind us of a school of Koi lazily making their way towards some unknown destination; towards good fortune, perhaps.

These statues are made of a concrete blend that is durable, lighter than regular concrete, weather worthy and built to withstand cold Canadian winters.


  • Material: Concrete blend
  • Lightweight
  • Built to withstand cold Canadian Winters
  • Colour Western Slate


Dimensions:  w22” x d6.5” x h6.5” 20 lb

Please refer to gallery photo for finishes