Month: January 2022

How To Care For Houseplants (Even In Winter)

January 28, 2022
The simple act of growing plants indoors at home is a joy that an entirely new generation has discovered in the last few years. Faced with more time at home and less to do, “plant parenthood” became the next bi...
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How To Start Seeds At Home

January 26, 2022
Are you ready for an adventure? Growing your own food or flowers at home is a fun and productive hobby. It’s healthy, it’s fun, it encourages lots of outdoor time for the household, and best of all, it ends in ...
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Easy Houseplants for Beginner Plant Parents

January 11, 2022
Houseplants are amazing. A new generation of “plant parents” have now discovered the joy of growing plants indoors, and are enjoying their many benefits! Plants can soften a room and bring it to life, increasin...
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