Easy Houseplants for Beginner Plant Parents

Houseplants are amazing. A new generation of “plant parents” have now discovered the joy of growing plants indoors, and are enjoying their many benefits! Plants can soften a room and bring it to life, increasing oxygen levels, and helping to purify the air in our homes. Having plants indoors helps to uplift mood, and having houseplants present has even been shown to increase productivity in work spaces. With so many reasons to add plants to a home, there’s really only one barrier… having the skill and confidence to keep them alive! Whether you’re new to plant parenthood or just short on time, we’ve got you covered. Get comfortable with the basics of plant care, and try these EASY houseplants for beginners. You’ll be a houseplant pro before you know it!

Snake Plant

Sansevieria, or Snake Plant, is the ultimate easy care plant! This tough tropical is beautiful and easy to grow, with broad, upright foliage in varying shades of green and cream. It’s adaptable to various light conditions, but prefers bright, indirect light. Snake Plant wants to dry completely between waterings, making it ideal for those of us who forget to water regularly. In most situations, snake plants will prefer to be watered very sparingly, as little as just once every 6 weeks. In addition to being attractive and low maintenance, Snake Plants are also powerful air purifiers!

Spider Plant
easy houseplant spider plant

A perfect houseplant for beginners, kids, and homes with pets! This charming plant is easy to grow, safe for pets, and helps to purify the air in your home. Spider Plant is best grown in bright, indirect light, and should dry somewhat between waterings, making it forgiving for newbies. The strappy, striped foliage of this plant is striking as a hanging plant. Try displaying in a plant hanger, or up high on a shelf where the cascading strings of baby “spiders” can be seen and enjoyed.

ZZ Plant
easy houseplants zz plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or the ZZ Plant, is easy to grow and offers many benefits. The stems of the plant are upright, with distinctive waxy leaves. It has very glossy foliage that varies in pretty shades of green. New growth is bright green, and very gratifying to watch as it emerges and unfurls. This tough plant can be grown in many conditions, including lower light! Add ZZ plant to almost any room to enhance air quality, and enjoy it’s unique appearance.

Peace Lily
easy houseplants peace lily

The Peace Lily (or Spathiphyllum) is a beautiful, tropical plant that’s easy to grow at home. Its’ large, arching leaves are shiny and attractive. As a bonus, this plant will occasionally produce tall, white blooms that are mildly fragrant! Peace lily is one of the most recommended indoor plants to improve air quality. There may not be another houseplant that is as forgiving as the Peace Lily, and it certainly helps a new plant parent to get the hang of watering. When too dry, the plant will dramatically wilt, crying out for attention! When watered, the leaves lift back up into place as though nothing happened.

easy houseplants pothos

The perfect houseplant for beginners? It’s Pothos vine! This hardy indoor plant features dark green leaves splashed and marbled in shades of yellow or cream, and can either cascade or climb with support. Plant in a standard potting mix, and for vigorous growth, keep in bright, indirect light. Pothos will also tolerate lower light conditions, and prefers to dry between waterings. Different varieties of Pothos will offer a range of colours and leaf styles, from deep green, to bright yellow, and marbled in any combination in between.


Philodendron, especially the cascading, heart-shaped varieties, are remarkably easy to grow. These vigorous plants prefer bright light, but will tolerate a range of conditions. New growth starts as pretty bronze or chartreuse shoots and stems (depending on the varietal), which then mature into robust foliage that quickly cascades as it grows. In summer months, Philodendron will prefer to maintain moisture in the soil, but in winter, it can dry out between waterings and will thrive with minimal care or attention.

Bird of Paradise
easy houseplant bird of paradise

White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) is adored for its dramatic, long, arching leaves and unique flowers. This statement plant can completely change the feel of a room, and it’s surprisingly easy to grow! Position it in bright, indirect light, and allow it to dry halfway between waterings. In winter, providing extra humidity can help to prevent browning tips and encourage new growth. In the summer months, Bird of Paradise is ideal for making a tropical statement on the porch or patio. In time, a Bird of Paradise can reach 7-8′ tall in a house.

Air Plants
air plants tillandsia

A plant that lives on air? So cool! Air plants are a group of plants called epiphytes, which absorb the water and nutrients they need through scales on their leaves. They have no roots, don’t grow in soil, and can live just about anywhere with bright light! These fun and funky plants are easy and rewarding to grow: place them in bright light, water them about once a week by dunking them in a bowl of fresh water, and mist occasionally in between waterings for best success.


Intimidated by Orchids? You’re not alone. But the reality is that Orchids are among the easiest plants to enjoy indoors! They’re beautiful, they’re pet-friendly, and their incredible blooms can last for MONTHS with proper care. Give them bright, indirect light and soak the bark once every 7-10 days… that’s really all they need! Read more detailed care information about Orchids here, in our guide, How to Grow Orchids at Home. All of the Orchids you’ll find at TERRA are locally grown at CosMic Plants in Beamsville, Ontario.

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