Amydrium Medium Silver

What’s the fuss about Amydrium Medium Silver?

This striking houseplant has unique, silvery leaves on vining stems. As the plant matures, leaves will develop a deeply lobed look, with a crinkly, interesting texture and glorious sheen.

This plant needs bright, indirect light, and as much humidity as possible. Boost humidity by providing regular misting, grouping plants together, using a pebble tray, or adding a small humidifier to your houseplant area. Give Amydrium Medium Silver something to climb, like a coconut fiber stake, which can also help to encourage better humidity with regular saturation. Allow the planting medium to dry halfway between waterings. The goal is to keep consistent moisture around the roots, but never to have the plant sit wet for long.

When Amydrium Medium Silver has outgrown it’s 4″ grower pot, plant in a potting mix made for tropical houseplants that allows for quick drainage.

Our planting mix recommendation: Mix 60% Miracle Gro Indoor Potting Mix & 40% Miracle Gro Orchid Potting Mix.

This plant is sold in a 4″ grower pot


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Light Exposure

bright, indirect

Pet Friendly



every 7-10 days