Pothos ‘Marble Queen’ (multiple sizes available)

Pothos ‘Marble Queen’ is a popular tropical plant variety with foliage that’s marbled in shades of green, cream and white. Plants can be quite green, or almost completely white, depending on the amount of variegation.

Pothos vine (sometimes called “Devil’s Ivy”) is the perfect houseplant for beginners! This hardy indoor plant features glossy leaves splashed and marbled in shades of yellow or cream, and can either cascade as a hanging plant, or climb with support. Plant in a standard potting mix, and for vigorous growth, keep in bright, indirect light. Pothos will also tolerate lower light conditions, and prefers to dry between waterings. Different varieties of Pothos will offer a range of colours and leaf styles, from deep green, to bright yellow, and marbled in any combination in between.

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