Artistica Orchid – 3″ Mini Swan

As dynamic as it is darling, the Piccola (Swan) preserves all the beauty and charm of traditional orchids in its adorable, compact blooms! This Mini Swan is different!   First, it is an Artistica (Shaped) Orchid with larger blooms in 2 unique colours/varieties.    Its bounty of flowers radiates a playfulness that is exclusive to the Piccola’s profile.   It compliments it’s 5” taller ‘parent’ version with great style and grace!

Chic. Iconic. Creative. Enticing.

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TERRA is proud to offer Orchids grown by CosMic Plants in Beamsville, Ontario.

CosMic Plants was established in 2004, in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario. It is conveniently located 5 minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Way, between Vineland and Beamsville. CosMic Plants is specialized in the production of Phalaenopsis Orchids, and we do so year-round! Our greenhouse facilities make use of modern equipment and systems to provide a healthy climate for these beautiful flowering tropical plants, even during harsh winters and summers.

CosMic Plants’ Orchids are produced with a longer growth cycle, and they are given more space and light than at most other Orchid greenhouses. This results in more blooms per plant, stronger root systems, more resilient plants and a longer shelf-life!


Please note ~ Pot selection may vary from photo shown and per store.


Light Exposure

bright, indirect

Pet Friendly


every 7 - 10 days