CANOPIA by PALRAM Carbon Fiber Outdoor Heater – Online Exclusive

Whether you are buying a new greenhouse or looking to add to an existing one, the right greenhouse accessories make all the difference. Accessories for greenhouses should simplify your gardening and enhance your experience.

Palram – Canopia 1500W NA Carbon Fiber IR Utility Outdoor Heater with Wall Mount

  • Highly resilient infrared heater providing instant warmth to living space outdoor and indoor
  • Efficient alternative to gas heating – without fumes and exhaust
  • Can heat up to 14′ away without being affected by wind or weather
  • Quiet operation and rapid warm-up time
  • Can be mounted on any wall from open-air spaces (patios, gazebos) to interior rooms
  • Two or more units can be mounted to cover a large area with overlapping warmth zones
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • 2-year warranty