Dahlia Giant Ball ‘Jowey Joshua’ (1 tuber/pkg)

Dahlias are extremely showy in the garden.  ‘Jowey Joshua’ is a giant ball dahlia with two-toned blooms in red and creamy yellow. Ball shaped blooms are prolific, and are 4-5″ in diameter.  Sun.  Grows up to 40″ tall.

Plant tubers in spring, after risk of frost has passed. Dahlias need full sun, and prefer a soil that’s amended with organic matter, like compost. Plants get big and need support, so hammer a stake into the ground when planting to tie to as it grows. Blooms will begin in midsummer and continue through Fall. Feed with a blooming plant food every 3-4 weeks for best flowers. After frost has killed the top growth in Fall, dig up tubers and store for the winter. Tubers multiply into a clump throughout the growing season. You’ll find you have more dahlias to plant next year!

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Flower Season

Summer to Frost

Light Exposure


Mature Size

40" tall