Fiskars® Hand Seed Sower

The Fiskars® Hand Seed Sower offers four seed-planting essentials in one convenient tool. Made of durable yet lightweight FiberComp®, this 4-in-1 seed trowel is ideal for small seed handling, digging and measuring hole depth, as well as seed spacing. A removable stylus in the trowel’s handle can be used for controlled counting and handling of small seeds, directing seeds down the trowel’s head for precise placement. The stylus can also be used to make divots during seed placement and includes easy-to-read, debossed measurements along the full length of the tool for correct seed depth and spacing. Additionally, the widger’s narrow shape makes it optimal for transplanting smaller seedlings.

Fiskars Garden & Yard Care Tools

At Fiskars, we believe in the art – and science – of creating and enjoying your own outdoor haven. That’s why we take a holistic approach to developing garden tools that reflect hours of immersive study, research and validation, resulting in gardening tools that outperform the competition and feel like a natural extension of your body.

From garden tools designed to help you cultivate a better garden, to yard tools that let you take back your yard, our versatile gardening tools are equipped with smart technologies and award-winning, ergonomic features that help make it easier – and more enjoyable – to transform your outdoor space.


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