Fraser Fir Fresh Cut Christmas Tree – Designer 6′ – 7′

A fresh cut Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Designer (6′-7′) is the perfect Christmas tree! With fresh scent, soft needles and strong branches, its ideal for holiday decorating!

The needles of the Fraser Fir are dark green on the upper surface and light on the underside. Fir needles are soft rather than sharp, making handling and decorating easy, and they remain on the tree long after cutting.

The Fraser Fir is also beautifully aromatic, and will fill the house with a pleasant scent. It’s the perfect tree!

What makes the ‘Designer’ Fraser Fir different than the standard Fraser Fir? It has a lighter branching pattern, making it a little more open, which leaves extra space for ornaments and decor!

Miracle-Gro® for Christmas Trees  helps to reduce needle drop and keeps fresh cut Christmas trees hydrated throughout the holiday season.

TERRA Fraser Firs are grown in Alliston, Ontario.