Homalomena ‘Camouflage’

Homalomena ‘Camouflage’ is a popular, easy-to-grow houseplant that’s coveted for it’s distinctive, mottled leaves.

These plants grow best with moderate light, but are loved by beginner plant parents because they tolerate lower light conditions. Keep Homalomena ‘Camouflage’ watered regularly, maintaining light moisture in the soil. Always allow excess water to drain away. In winter, or in lower light conditions, Homalomena will need less water. Boost humidity by misting regularly, grouping plants together, using a pebble tray, or adding a small humidifier to your houseplant area.

A moisture meter can be helpful in understanding the watering needs of houseplants, especially for beginners. When it’s time to re-pot, plant in a potting mix made for tropical houseplants that allows for quick drainage, such as Miracle Gro Indoor Potting Mix .

This plant is sold in a 4″ grower’s pot.



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