Miracle-Gro® Indoor Plant Food Spikes 6-12-6 31g Pack, 24 Spikes

Check feeding your houseplants off your to-do list for up to 2 months with Miracle-Gro® Indoor Plant Food Spikes 6-12-6. These plant food spikes make regular feeding practically effortless. Simply make a hole in moist soil, place one plant food spike in each hole, and cover with soil. Voila! You’re done, but these plant spikes are just getting started. Pre-measured and ready-to-use, these spikes do the work for you. They slowly and continuously nourish all types of houseplants so they get the essential micronutrients they need to grow lush and lovely.


  • GRO BEAUTIFUL: Our All-Purpose spikes nourish plants for lush foliage and
    beautiful blooms, compared to unfed plants
  • GRO LONGER: Our slow-release plant food feeds for up to 2 months, meaning
    you can spend more time enjoying your houseplants
  • GRO MORE: Contains 24 pre-measured spikes which can feed up to 12
  • GRO EASILY: Simply stick one spike into the moist soil at the base of your
    plant, then sit back and enjoy your happy houseplants.
  • GRO SAFELY : Safe to feed all your indoor plants, including ficus, snake plant,
    croton, spider plants, and pothos