Ortho® Ant B Gon MAX Ant Traps – available in two sizes

With Ortho® Ant B GonTM MAX Ant Traps, you can kill ants, their nests, and help destroy the whole colony, too. These traps are easy-to-use, and easy to dispose of. Simply place Ortho® Ant B GonTM MAX Ant Traps wherever you see lots of ants. Works inside the house and out. Ants march into the trap, ants march out, taking food back to the nest, which helps destroy the rest of the ant colony. More traps make for quick control, so this value pack contains 10 ready-to-use traps. After use, carefully wrap the traps in brown paper or newsprint and toss them into your household trash. No fuss. No muss. No more ants.


  • Kills ants indoors and out – helps destroy the entire colony, too
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Active ingredient: Borax 5.0%
  • Contains the allergen peanut butter
  • Available in two sizes