Sago Palm (multiple sizes available)

The Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta) is a popular tropical houseplant with dramatic form. Symmetrical branches of spiky leaves form a wide, low shape that’s interesting and distinctive. Sago Palm is best grown in a spot that’s warm and humid, with bright, indirect light. This plant is very slow growing, but fairly easy to care for.

To grow:

  • Plant in well-draining potting mix, avoid wet soil
  • Allow the soil surface to dry between waterings
  • Keep in bright light, but avoid direct sunlight on foliage
  • Boost humidity by using a pebble tray or humidifier
  • Fertilize with a liquid plant food during the growing season
  • Avoid ingestion: all parts of this plant are toxic to eat




Light Exposure

bright, indirect


every 10 - 14 days

Pet Friendly