How to Get that JUNE BLOOM

Do you know about the big bloom in June? It’s that magical moment around mid month where we’ve had a good rain, the plants have all grown what seems like inches overnight, and suddenly… everything starts blooming. All you need are the right plants. Here’s how to get that JUNE BLOOM!

Perennial June Bloomers

Perennial plants get bigger and more showy with every passing year. Fill garden gaps and plant swaths of colour with perennials that choose June as their time to shine.

Fluffy ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ Peonies are gorgeous in the garden, and make irresistible cut flowers for the kitchen table in June.
The bright spikes of Lupin varieties shine in a bench in a TERRA perennial department in June
The unique flowers of Monarda (or Beebalm) are a favourite flower of many pollinators, and come in a range of bright colours.
The striking blues of Delphinium varieties are incredible additions to the back of the garden border, especially when planted in a large group.
Daylilies are among the easiest perennnials to grow, and bloom in many colours and sizes through June and July.
Raymond Evison Clematis Giselle 2gal
The large, head-turning flowers on Clematis vines can completely captivate in early summer months. The ‘Raymond Evison’ series of Clematis are tremendously popular for this reason.
Showy Summer Shrubs

Flowering shrubs can offer a low-maintenance presence in the garden, and a BIG floral statement when they bloom at the start of the summer.

Roses like ‘At Last’ by Proven Winners are bred for a long bloom period and fuss-free plant care.
Weigela Czechmark Trilogy PW 2gal
A ‘Czechmark Trilogy’ Weigela by Proven Winners glows with fragrant, tri-coloured blooms throughout summer.
Spirea double play pink proven winners
The new ‘Double Play’ series of Spirea (‘Double Play Doozie’ is shown) from Proven Winners offers reliable repeat blooming throughout the summer months.
Gap-Filling Summer Annuals

For those moments when the perennials aren’t mature yet, or there is a gap in bloom times, summer annuals can come to the rescue. Plop in larger pots of annual flowers for an instant colour fix in lackluster garden areas. For a tied-together look, try repeating a simple colour theme.

Sun-loving annual flowers like Geranium can be helpful to fill in garden gaps and provide summer-long colour.

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