How To Grow Fiddle Leaf Fig At Home

Fiddle Leaf Figs (or Ficus lyrata) are bold, tropical plants that are undeniably popular. But how do you grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig at home? With the proper care and maintenance, these plants can add to the ambiance of your home for years. Provided with the right light, temperature, water, and feeding, Ficus lyrata will thrive in an indoor environment and become a showpiece in your living space.

The Right Light & The Right Place

More than anything else, giving your houseplants enough light is the key to success. Fiddle Leaf Figs prefer a spot with plenty of bright light. Ideally, position this plant close to a large window so that it gets indirect light throughout the majority of the day. A dimly lit room, or being placed too far away from windows will result in disappointment!

In addition to light, think about the climate in your home. Fiddle Leaf Figs like a steady environment that doesn’t fluctuate too much. Avoid drafty areas, such as very close to entry or patio doors that will open often in the winter. Also consider any forced-air vents, which will dry out the plant too quickly. Fiddle Leaf Figs LOVE humidity! If possible, provide extra humidity with a humidifier, or place in a brightly-lit washroom with a shower for daily steam.

The Right Water & The Right Soil

The most common cause of plant failure is OVER watering. Fiddle Leaf Fig prefers to be a bit moist, but to never sit wet. During the active growing season (April-October) it will likely need to be watered once every 5-6 days, when grown in bright light. Adjusting watering habits based on your plants’ needs is a skill that takes practice. Allowing the soil to dry somewhat between waterings is crucial – roots that sit in water will rot. When you’re getting the hang of watering, a soil moisture tester can be your best friend! This handy tool takes the guesswork out of watering, and can tell you how wet or dry the soil is. For a new plant parent, it’s a must-have accessory.

The Right Food

Like all plants, Ficus lyrata requires nutrition. Choose a water-soluble houseplant food and follow package directions to feed once a week from May-September. Do not fertilize in the colder, winter months, when your plant will grow more slowly and enjoy a bit of a rest.

Feeding Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Right Maintenance

The large, shiny leaves of this plant are what make it so lovely! To dust, gently wipe the top of the leaf surface with a damp, soft cloth on occasion. Fiddle Leaf Figs can also grow quite rapidly in ideal conditions, and should be “potted up” into a larger container every 12-16 months, as needed.

You can grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig at home! You’ve got this!




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