How to Grow Potted Spring Flowers at Home

When early Spring has sprung, we all feel it… that itch for warmth, sun, soil, and flowers! In the early weeks of the season in Ontario, we know that it’s expected that we’ll still get some snow, lots of rain, and unpredictable weather in general. What’s the solution? Potted Spring flowers! Bring that Spring feeling indoors with seasonal blooms like Hydrangeas, Lilies, bulbs, and more. Here’s how to grow potted Spring flowers at home.

A sea of blooming Hydrangeas on the benches at TERRA Hamilton in March 2023.

TERRA-grown Hydrangeas are available in TERRA locations from mid March through April. These gorgeous indoor potted flowers are our most popular bloom for decorating for Easter, or adorning the table or counter while we wait for warmer temperatures outdoors. We’re asked often, “can I put these outside?” In short… no. Greenhouse Hydrangeas are varieties of Hydrangea that are specifically bred for prolific bloom, and many of these types are not hardy to the climate of Ontario and wouldn’t perform well in the garden. Enjoy them for weeks (or even months) in your home.

Blooming hydrangeas grow in the TERRA Production greenhouses in Waterdown, Ontario.
Spring Hydrangeas are lovingly grown by the TERRA Production team in Waterdown, Ontario.

To grow Hydrangeas indoors:

• Place in bright, indirect light.

• Water often, water thoroughly, and allow all excess water to drain away. Keep soil somewhat moist at all times, but never allow the plant to sit in water.

• Protect from drafts. Keep away from windows and doors that open often, and forced air heat vents.

• Protect from cold. Ensure that they are wrapped covered when transporting them, and never leave them in a cold car.

• For best bloom, fertilize your Hydrangea every two weeks with a water-soluble blooming plant food.

Potted Easter Lilies bloom on a sunny bench in a TERRA store location at Easter time.
Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies are fabulously fragrant, and a classic, traditional flower to showcase or gift for the Easter weekend. Grown as potted indoor plants, lilies can be expected to bloom for 1-2 weeks.

To grow Easter Lilies indoors:

• Place bright, indirect light.

• To water, remove your lily from it’s outer pot or decorative wrapping, water thoroughly, and allow all excess water to drain away. Allow the soil to dry halfway before watering again.

• Protect your lily from drafts, such as doors and windows that open often, and forced air heat vents.

• To encourage long-lasting bloom, remove flowers from the plant as they fade. You may also trim away stamens (parts with yellow pollen), to avoid staining of surfaces as they fall.

• Avoid all contact with pets, as all parts of Easter lilies are toxic if ingested.

Potted Spring bulbs begin to bloom on a bench at a TERRA store location, March 2023.
Spring Bulbs

While we wait for the daffodils, tulips and hyacinth to wake up from their winter slumber in the garden, it feels great to get a sneak peek of their cheer by having potted versions blooming indoors! Forced spring bulbs add a quick hit of colour to any indoor space!

To grow Potted Spring Bulbs indoors:

• Place bright, indirect light.

• Water when the soil surface is dry. Water thoroughly, and allow all excess water to drain away.

• When possible, keep in a cool location for longest lifespan.

• Trim away spent blooms and yellowing foliage as they fade. Bulbs can be planted in the garden once the soil is workable, and will bloom outdoors the following Spring.

Pretty Primula brighten up a display at TERRA Waterdown in Spring 2023
Small Spring Bloomers

Early blooming, tender perennials such as Primula, Ranunculus, Pansies & Hellebores are such a sight for winter-weary eyes. While it’s too cold to plant them directly into the garden, these Spring flowers make excellent little additions to your Easter table or mixed planters.

• Water often, keeping soil moderately moist. Do not allow your plant to sit in water.

• Trim away spent flowers as they fade.

• Most indoor spring flowers can be expected to last up to about 10 days. Warmer environments and direct sun will reduce the blooming time.

• When the weather is steadily above freezing, spring flowers can be added to planters or window boxes on the porch or patio.

Bowls of blooming Primula and Ranunculus grow in TERRA Production greenhouses in Waterdown, ON.

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